Dozens of Mecklenburg Co. homeowners apply for mortgage relief in first week of program

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) — A week ago, CharMeck RAMP and Dream Key Partners launched their mortgage relief program for those impacted by COVID-19.

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Residents of Mecklenburg County immediately began to take advantage of the program.

The program still has over $1 million available as of Monday morning, so many people can still get help if they need it.

Here are the numbers for the first week.

  • So far, 86 applications have been filed
  • Two requests have been approved and the others are being processed
  • On average, people ask for four months of help, but the program allows up to six months of help
  • There is still $1.1 million available, with funding coming from the CARES Act.

This is mortgage relief for people who live in Mecklenburg County who have been affected by COVID. Members of Dream Key Partners said if residents are unsure if they are eligible to go ahead and apply, as officials want to help them go through the process so they know what help is available.

“People are telling us, #1, COVID isn’t over, they’re still struggling,” said Erin Barbee, with Dream Key Partners. “With mortgage holders, they often had a little bit of savings or cash to pull from and unfortunately those funds run out at this point and they struggle to keep up. So for us, when we think we might be out of the pandemic, what we mean is we’re still in it.

Those interested in applying can find more information here.

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