Envoy Mortgage surprises Houston family with mortgage help

National mortgage lender based in Houston Mortgage Agent continues its Gift of Home program and is on track to surprise 50 families across the country with mortgage assistance by December.

Maria Medrano Bernal, a client of Envoy Mortgage, was among the most recent group of recipients to receive the Gift of Home surprise in Houston, where the company is headquartered.

Bernal is a receptionist at Angels That Work, an agency in Missouri City, Texas that provides certified nursing assistants to group homes and daycares for the mentally handicapped.

During the height of the pandemic, Maria continued to work to support the agency, but her husband, a construction worker, had to stop and return to work several times due to government mandates.

“My husband was working and not working and we were just trying to keep things afloat,” she says. “When everything was approved for this house, I just started to cry.”

Bernal has three grown children and two of his sons, along with his daughter and daughter’s husband, all lost their jobs during the pandemic and are still looking for work. Her daughter and two grandchildren now live with her in her Houston home.

Bernal and her husband officially closed their home in January 2021 despite the external circumstances of the real estate market.

“I’m from a foreign country and owning a home has always been my dream,” she says. “We started the home buying process last year and I was on the verge of giving up until our Envoy loan originator Alex Sada told us not to. I can’t thank you enough for this gift and the gift I already have: my home. “

Since the program launched in January, Envoy Mortgage has offered more than 45 deserving families a month of mortgage payments, including taxes, and is on track to meet its goal of surprising 50 families in December.

“It’s a great gift for my family because it’s a gift from the heart,” Bernal said. “What else is there to say?” I am so blessed. “