Foreclosure Counseling and Mortgage Assistance for Hennepin County Homeowners

Guest blog by Jesse Lindsey, Homeownership Preservation Assistant

Last week, Hennepin County launched the Hennepin County Property Preservation Program (HHPP) as a pilot program and will be available to the public in early September. The program will provide mortgage advice and assistance to homeowners living in most towns in Hennepin County. Bloomington, Eden Prairie and Plymouth facilitate independent mortgage relief programs, so these are excluded from the county program.

Hennepin’s Homeownership Preservation Program will offer homeowners who are struggling due to COVID-19 the unique opportunity to receive guidance from a Foreclosure Prevention Advisor. Advice will be provided by the following organisations:

Eligible homeowners can also receive up to $35,000 in mortgage assistance to help pay for overdue property expenses, such as:

  • Payment of principal and overdue mortgage interest (if not eligible for the long-term loss mitigation solution)
  • Property taxes
  • Owner’s insurance (including escrow shortages)
  • Homeowners association dues
  • Renting the land and paying for the prefabricated house
  • deed contract
  • Payment for garbage and water

Habitat owners can now participate in the pilot program. Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity owners living in Hennepin County who experienced financial hardship due to COVID-19 between January 26, 2020 and 15 days after the HHPP start date are encouraged to apply.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about the program, contact Jesse Lindsey at (612) 305-7237 or Hassan Abdullahi at (612) 305-7147 at [email protected]