HomeSafe Georgia’s Free Mortgage Assistance Program Ends March 2020

HomeSafe Georgia, the state-run mortgage assistance program that has helped more than 15,000 homeowners over the past 10 years, is entering its final months.

Homeowners who have experienced financial hardship or owe more than their home is worth are encouraged to submit their application by Tuesday, March 31, to be considered for mortgage assistance of up to $50,000. No new applications will be accepted after this deadline.

“The HomeSafe program has helped thousands of homeowners across Georgia,” said Tonya Cureton Curry, Deputy Housing Commissioner, Georgia Department of Community Affairs. “Buying a home is a huge achievement, and DCA is proud to be able to support those in need of mortgage assistance.”

HomeSafe Georgia is a free, federally funded, state-run mortgage assistance program — administered by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs — that helps homeowners who have experienced eligible financial hardship save their homes from foreclosure. There are no fees to apply and no fees if approved.

Launched in 2011, HomeSafe Georgia was created to distribute $370 million in funding from the US Treasury Department’s worst-hit fund to help homeowners stay in their homes after the 2008 mortgage crisis.

Over 99% of homeowners who received financing are still in their homes 24 months after receiving assistance. HomeSafe Georgia has approximately $12 million in funding that has yet to be allocated.

In September, there were 19,301 Georgian homeowners with 90-day overdue payments, 3,379 in foreclosure and 58,582 negative equity loans in 159 counties, according to national real estate firm CoreLogic. Negative equity, often referred to as subs, applies to borrowers who owe more on their mortgages than their homes are worth.

HomeSafe encourages those who believe they may be eligible for the program to apply by March 31. To learn more about the program requirements, visit