Lewisville to invest in mental health and mortgage relief | Chief of Lewisville

On Monday, Lewisville City Council gave instructions at a business meeting to use its $756,899 allocated to enter into a CoCare partnership with the Denton County MHMR center to help Lewisville address mental health needs. and mortgage assistance for its residents.

CoCare will use the majority of the funds as MHMR will help local first responders assess clients in need – potentially at the scene, help place clients in psychiatric facilities, do most phone follow-ups and accompany health care workers. CoCare home visits.

Since June, Police Chief Kevin Deaver said the police department has received 457 mental health-related calls. Eighty-one of those calls resulted in an Emergency Protection Order where a client was taken care of, while 192 of those calls were followed up by CoCare officers.

Through this partnership, the city could also extend CoCare hours of operation to allow residents greater access to mental health resources, Deaver said.

While the CoCare team is expected to be fully staffed with two police officers and three paramedics by March, Deaver said paramedics will be limited in what they can do as they are not certified mental health workers. – a title that requires at least two years. as a policeman.

With this partnership, MHMR is expected to hire a licensed healing arts practitioner to oversee the coordination of mental health services provided to Lewisville residents and ensure residents’ needs are continually met. They would also act as a liaison between MHMR and the Lewisville Police Department providing telephone and in-person consultations as needed to engage individuals and provide resources to residents.

The Mortgage and Food Insecurity Relief Program, although intended only for low-to-moderate income households, will aim to help anyone in need, regardless of income. According to Neighborhood Services Coordinator Ashleigh Feryan, city staff are talking with United Way of Denton County to potentially partner and help all income levels with mortgage and food insecurity assistance.