Mecklenburg Co. Mortgage Assistance Program Applications Open Soon.

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) — Mecklenburg County is preparing to roll out a new program to help those who have struggled to keep a roof over their heads for the past two years.

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It is specifically for homeowners in Mecklenburg County who have experienced hardship due to COVID-19, such as job loss or reduced hours if they contracted the virus or had to care for someone else. other who contracted it.

Those interested in applying to the program via RAMP CharMeck and Dream Key partners will need to have documentation.

The program is not just for those who live in Charlotte. Owners from other towns in the county of Mecklenburg and unincorporated areas of the county are eligible. There are income limits.

For a single person, she will have to earn less than $47,150 per year. For a family of four, it’s $67,350 a year.

Money for the program comes from the CARES Act and applications will be accepted until funds are exhausted.

Mecklenburg County will begin accepting applications for its mortgage assistance payment program on April 4. For more information on the program, visit this site.

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