Missouri homeowners can apply for pandemic mortgage assistance

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Missouri State Aid for Housing Assistance is offering a new program for homeowners who need financial assistance to pay their mortgage.

The State of Missouri received $138 million.

Southern Missouri Catholic Charities Financial and Housing Programs Director Dee Maples assists applicants. She said to be eligible you must be affected by COVID-19 and meet an income requirement.

“The owner must therefore be able to prove that he was affected by his income,” said Maples. “Either they lost hours of work, or they lost their job, or they hired a family member, an extra family member to look after them or take care of the children.”

Maples said the online application process can be lengthy so have your documents ready, including photo ID, borrower income documents listed on the loan, mortgage statement, proof of ownership of ownership and proof of hardship.

“The program can pay up to $50,000 to reinstate someone’s loan that’s in default,” Maples said. “That also includes their first mortgage, their second mortgage, their escrow, which is taxes and home insurance.”

For more information on how to apply, you can click on here.

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