New funding for rentals, mortgage relief helps families – WSOC TV

CHARLOTTE — The Charlotte City Council recently approved an additional $8 million in CARES Act funding for RAMP CLT, which is the city’s rental and mortgage assistance program.

The program would help an additional 8,000 families.

The Rent and Mortgage Assistance Program has supported more than 1,500 families, who have been affected by the pandemic.


The Housing Partnership helps administer the program, said President and CEO Julie Porter

“On the mortgage side, what happens is that financial institutions under the CARE Act were required to offer deferments to people, but it was only for three months and suddenly finding out that these three months have passed, the full amount is due and they still have a job loss situation.

Treya Ratchford tries to keep a roof over herself and her four-year-old son’s head.

“Daycare costs $150 a week,” she said. “So with paid daycare, taking that out of my paycheck and trying to pay the rent, it was totally impossible.”

She said she turned to The Housing Partnership to help pay her rent of $750 each month.

Ratchford said a representative helped her pay her rent for three months.

“She said something to me, like ‘Don’t be so afraid to call us for help’, because it made me feel good. They are helping us, but how long does this help last? “she?” said Ratchford.

Ratchford recently started a new job and she wants others to know that help is available.

“They can probably pay your rent and your electric bill. Just ask for help for you,” Ratchford said.

The Housing Partnership received 600 applications for the month of August. Officials point out that the money is available to owners.

For more information on how to qualify and apply, you can visit