Travis County Commissioners Allocate $10 Million in Rental and Mortgage Assistance

The Travis County Commissioners Court voted unanimously to approve funds for rent, mortgage and utility assistance.

AUSTIN, Texas — The Court of Travis County Commissioners voted unanimously to approve the $10 million allocation in rent, mortgage and utility assistance on Tuesday.

“We’re really trying to maintain some kind of system that’s more humane and that at least tries to support people so that they don’t become homeless, that they don’t go hungry,” the county commissioner said. Travis for Speaker 2 Brigid Shea. “I think it’s really important for people to understand that County is really a provider of last resort. When people are really desperate, that’s part of what Travis County does for you.”

Rental assistance will be available to Travis County residents living outside the Austin city limits.

The $10 million allocated comes from the $61 million the county received from the CARES Act. It will be at 250% of the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines (FPIG) with the intention that up to three months of 100% Fair Market Rent or Threatened Mortgage Foreclosure will be available.

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$1.2 million in rental assistance will be distributed by the Austin Housing Authority

“I would suggest that we act as quickly as possible on rent and mortgage assistance because we don’t want people on the streets,” former Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt said. “We also want some dollars flowing through the economy and this is one way to do that.”

“We provide rental assistance; we provide utility assistance; we provide food assistance. There are obviously limits to the funding we have to do this, but we are very committed to trying to support the community of all the possible ways within our limitations,” Shea said.

As the county administers the rental assistance program, this $10 million will supplement the existing fund that provides grants on an ongoing basis. Eligible residents can apply through County Health and Human Services website.

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