Wyoming COVID-19 rent and mortgage assistance up to $2,000 per month available

(Image of Chuck Underwood from Pixabay)

CASPER, Wyo. – Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon’s office reminded people on Thursday, July 2 that rent and mortgage assistance remains available for Wyoming residents who “have experienced significant financial hardship” due to COVID -19.

Those who do not have enough income to pay rent or make mortgage payments may be eligible for payment assistance of up to $2,000 per month. Support is available through the Wyoming Emergency Housing Assistance Program (WEHAP).

“Recipients of the program are eligible to receive emergency assistance with rent or mortgage payments up to $2,000, with subsequent months of assistance contingent upon completion of a monthly application form. of continued assistance attesting to the need for continued assistance,” the governor’s office said. mentioned.

The program is administered by the Wyoming Community Development Authority.

Applications and additional details are available online.

The Wyoming Department of Health provides COVID-19 cases, variant, the death, trial, online hospital and vaccination data. The department also shares information on how the data may be interpreted. COVID-19[feminine] safety recommendations are available from the CDC.